• Automatic Point Claimer (automatically claim bonus points in channels)
  • Keep video from automatically changing quality (this usually happens when you tab out or the tab loses focus).
  • Free unlimited personal and channel emotes. (for now, upload here)
  • Pinned mentions that you can completely customize from the time it automatically removes to the colors of the border, background and font. (may require a refresh after changes)
  • Mod Keybinds – use T/P/B to timeout/purge/ban in chat if you’re a moderator.

Install FrankerFaceZ

  • Install via Chrome here (other browsers here)

Enable smokEmote Add-On

  • Open the FrankerFaceZ settings.
  • FFZ Icon
  • Navigate to the Add-Ons tab on the left side.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click “Add Unlisted”.
  • Type “smokemotes” into the field then press “+Add”.
  • Press to enable SmokEmotes!
  • Manage your personal emotes or see global emotes here after logging into SmokeyBot.

What is this?
  • Unlimited emote slots. This includes GIFs and regular emotes.
  • We also currently accept wide emotes, with or without text as long as they are within Twitch’s guidelines.
  • The purpose of this is to free the GIFs and make all POPULAR emotes global.
  • You always have your emotes everywhere you go. Personal emotes are your channel emotes and vice versa.
  • Soon you’ll be able to disable emotes you don’t like, or choose not to use wide emotes, etc.

If you want Twitch to look more like the old Twitch, check out this guide.