• Automatic Point Claimer (automatically claim bonus points in channels)
  • Keep video from automatically changing quality (this usually happens when you tab out or the tab loses focus).
  • Pinned mentions that you can completely customize from the time it automatically removes to the colors of the border, background and font. (may require a refresh after changes)
  • Mod Binds – use T/P/B/D to timeout/purge/ban/delete a message/user in chat if you’re a moderator.

Install FrankerFaceZ

  • Install via Chrome here (other browsers here)

Enable Add-On

  • Open the FrankerFaceZ settings.
  • FFZ Icon
  • Navigate to the Add-Ons tab on the left side.
  • Press to enable Smokey’s Utilities.

If you’re interested in syncing your FrankerFaceZ emotes with your Discord easily – check out this Discord bot.