SmokeMon on Discord

Invite SmokeyBot

Use this link to invite SmokeyBot to your Discord. It will ask for Admin permissions but you don’t necessarily have to give it to it. This is mainly for the automatic removal of empty roles and other administrative features for the bot.

Create a Spawn Channel

Create a channel called ‘pokémon-spawns’ (EXACTLY like that, with é, not the quotes obviously). The bot will ONLY spawn Pokémon in this channel.

Enable SmokeMon

Type ‘~smokemon enable’ in that channel to enable the spawning and use of commands in your Discord. The bot will acknowledge it being enabled.


Remember. This plugin is for fun and SmokeyBot does not own the rights to any images/data and images/data are copyrighted by the Pokémon Company and its affiliates.

This plugin is also in very early access and may not even work at all. Your monsters may also be wiped at any time! This is your warning!

If you have any questions feel free to ask in my Discord.


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