Now you can easily create Twitch clips FOR YOUR CHANNEL with the sound of your voice.

Login with SmokeyBot

Go to and login with your Twitch account. Go to the pins page and generate a pin number.

Enable the Alexa Skill

Enable the Alexa Skill “Smokey’s Clipper” here. You have to make sure your Alexa is connected to your Amazon account and you’re logged in over at SmokeyBot’s website as well.

Sync Your Twitch and Alexa Account

After enabling the skill, say “Alexa, create clip.” it will ask “Clip that?” and you should respond back “Sync number ######” with the pin number that was generated on SmokeyBot instead of ###### because that would be really difficult and weird to say.

Upon successful connection it will thank you by your Twitch name.

You’re set!

Now, whenever you’re live you can say “Alexa, create clip!” and when it asks you, you just say HELL YEAH! or yes works too :).

If you don’t want it to clip, say nevermind. This is buggy and may clip anyways even if you say no. JUST SAY NEVERMIND!

Be sure to give it a rating, it really helps me out!

Bugs and Support

This is still in early stages of development and may have random errors. Just a heads up.

If you run into any bugs or need some help, feel free to go to my Discord and write in the #support channel dedicated for SmokeyBot stuff. I’ll help you ASAP!